Leadership Coachella Valley is a program designed to identify, motivate and develop future community leaders. The program encourages community involvement by providing knowledge and perspective on valley-wide needs and concerns. Participants meet current community leaders in forum and group discussion settings.

Leadership Coachella Valley offers emerging and established community leaders a unique opportunity to be a part of a group that has come together to:

  • Learn about the issues affecting the Coachella Valley through open and balanced discussions and presentations
  • Develop their personal and professional leadership skills
  • Build relationships with others who seek to grow as leaders and find solutions to the issues facing our valley
  • Get involved


Once a month, from September through June, participants have the opportunity to attend an engaging all-day seminar. During these sessions, we delve into crucial community topics and issues, covering a wide range of subjects such as Art, Culture, and Recreation; Housing; Government and Public Safety; Transportation and Energy; Economic Drivers; Healthcare and Social Services; Education; Environmental Issues; and Communications and Media. The seminar format incorporates a dynamic blend of presentations, thought-provoking panel discussions, and hands-on visits to locations that directly relate to each day’s theme. Esteemed experts graciously share their insights and perspectives, promoting lively discussions with our participants.


LCV Program participants will grow in awareness and understanding of the issues and challenges facing our community. They will also develop valuable contacts within the community and networks for the future. Most importantly, Leadership Coachella Valley participants become an even more involved group of individuals making our community a better place to live and work.


When the 35-45 class participants are selected each year, the selecting committee focuses on the applicant’s commitment to community and professional development, diversity, and engagement. The program encourages a collaboration of ideas and viewpoints.


  • A passion and interest for the people and future of the Coachella Valley
  • A demonstrated commitment to the community through past and current activities
  • A willingness to commit the time and energy necessary to complete the program requirements, which requires the full support of their organization
  • A commitment to representing the Leadership Coachella Valley program in a positive light now and in the future.


Commitment to participating in Leadership Coachella Valley centers on involvement and participation. Those who choose to apply should realize the significant time commitment of the program. The class meets for an 8-hour session once per month from September to June. Applicants must be able to fulfill program attendance requirements in order to graduate, and no more than 16 hours may be missed, without dismissal from the program.